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Why is Our Process Superior?

ripe avocados on a plate
We’ve had A LOT of practice
growing & processing avocados.

Over the past three decades, we’ve designed, redesigned, and perfected the way we grow, ship, and sell them. This translates into always-fresh, delicious, premium avocados that are always in season. One of the main elements that make our avocados so delicious is the way we preserve them, using High-Pressure Processing.

What is High-Pressure Processing?

Imagine you could kill all the harmful bacteria in avocados without removing any of their beneficial nutrients. It turns out you can, using High-Pressure Processing. This cold-pasteurization process uses pressure instead of heat to destroy toxins.

HPP also allows you to avoid using any preservatives or chemicals that ruin the naturally delicious taste avocados have. Because of this, you’ll only find ingredients you can pronounce in our products. In short, HPP ensures your guacamole is nutritious, delicious, and safe to eat.

6 Steps for Producing the Best Guacamole*

*All of the following processes are performed according to strict rules set by HACCP, Food Safety Management Systems (FSMS), Good Agricultural Practices (GAP), and Good Handling Practices (GHP)

step 1 testing and picking

Tested and Picked from Our Orchards

Our skillful pickers select avocados ready for harvest based on their look, feel, and oil content (measured and tested).

step 2 sorting and grading

Sorting and Grading by Hand

In our facility, all avocados are sorted and graded. Those with external/skin defects that could compromise the flesh are discarded. They are then washed and disinfected.

step 3 ripening sanitizing destemming

Ripening, Sanitization, and Destemming

After they are washed, they are set aside in plastic crates in an atmosphere and temperature controlled room to achieve peak ripeness. Once ripe, they are disinfected a second time and destemmed.

step 4 cutting scooping mixing

We Cut, Scoop, and Mix Them

We cut in half, pit, and scoop the pulp out of each avocado by hand. Then we mix them using clean, stainless steel equipment. In the case of guacamole, we add fresh ingredients.

step 5 cutting scooping mixing

They Recieve HPP Treatment

Once vacuum sealed in plastic packaging, we pass all our products through HHP treatment. The HPP champer applies 83,000 PSI of pressure, the equivalent to being nearly 40 miles underwater (if oceans were that deep)!

step 6 packing and storing

We Package and Store Them

We label each product and enclose them in their final packaging. Last, it’s off to their final destination for distribution and sale.