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FRESH Avocados Make THE BEST Guacamole

At CG Produce, we’re committed to growing the best avocados and preparing them in a way that doesn’t make them any less great (like they deserve). We do this because we know it’s healthier for you and because we believe it tastes better. All of our products are made from fresh, all natural and preservative free Hass avocados.

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We combine our avocados with only the freshest of ingredients, including tomatoes, onions, peppers, and cilantro. We are one of the few companies who use a thorough processing technique that keeps our guacamole guaranteed fresh for up to 90 days.

Our authentic guacamole recipe can be customized to your desire. Its delicious popularity is featured in cuisines like Hawaiian, American, Southwestern, and Californian.

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Avocado Pulp

Our avocado pulp, or avocado spread, is perfect for any avocado recipe. It’s an excellent spread for avocado toast or can be used as a base for more elaborate recipes like avocado ice cream.

Our guacamole pulp is guaranteed fresh for up to 30 days without ever being frozen, which our products never are. .

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Where We Grow Our Avocados

All our avocados are farm fresh from Michoacán, Mexico! Here in the heart of the Trans-Mexican Volcanic Belt, a sea of avocado trees thrives in the ultra nutrient-rich soil created from the volcanoes.

It takes seven years for an avocado tree to bear her fruit. We dedicate ourselves to caring for each tree with love so that each avocado is exquisite. No good avocado goes to waste.

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Why Our Avocados
Are Better

Throughout our 30 plus years in business, we’ve designed, redesigned, and perfected the way we grow, ship, and sell avocados. We are one of the few companies that makes use of High-Pressure Processing technology to pasteurize our avocados. This technique destroys pathogens and extends shelf life without taking away the nutrients you need or adding any preservatives you don’t. Before they make it to you, all of our products are tested to ensure they meet our standards for freshness, taste, color, texture, and more. Learn More About Our Process pumping avocado pulp

Benefits of Avocado


There’s a reason avocados are called a “superfood.” They contain 20 vitamins and minerals and have more potassium than even bananas. Plus, they’re low in saturated fat and are cholesterol free!


Avocados are loaded with monounsaturated fatty acids. These heart-healthy fatty acids also in olive oil are shown to lower the risk of heart disease by lowering “bad” cholesterol.

Great for Vision

Avocados are packed with powerful antioxidants that help protect your eyes. They’re shown to benefit long-term eye health by preventing common eye diseases associated with aging.

Improved Digestion

Despite their creamy texture, avocados contain three grams of fiber per 50-gram serving. Dietary fiber promotes the movement of food through your digestive system and is essential for any healthy diet.

Who We Are

Continental Green Produce has been in the avocado business for over three decades, introducing avocados and avocado products in Europe, Asia, and North America. We’re a family-owned company proudly born and based in San Antonio. The success and growth of our company are based on our passion for making nutritious, great-tasting guacamole that’s always in season.

Our CEO craved a smarter way to prepare guacamole, and he found it in High-Pressure Processing. All of our products are made for you from hand-scooped Hass avocados using this method, meaning they’ll always be fresh and ready to eat, with a longer shelf life than our competitors.

Who We Work With

Do you share our same values for creating quality products through superior production? We partner with businesses ranging from multibillion-dollar companies to small local restaurants. Even though we’re based out of San Antonio, Texas, we work with anyone in the United States. Because we’ve worked with a broad range of companies, we have full-fledged methods that we can customize on an individual basis. For companies purchasing in large volumes, we’ve designed a special rebate program. Our turnaround on the majority of orders is 15 days or less.


We work with distributors who sell our products under our name.

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Private Labels

We work with private label companies who repackage our products as their own.

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