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How You Create the Best Guacamole

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Our Motto

Beyond the Chip

At Continental Green Produce, we know that avocados can be used as more than just a dip for chips. With over three decades producing avocados, we’ve supplied avocados to restaurants serving just about any cuisine in countries from five different continents. Whether you’re using our avocados during a pre-game party on a chip, after a workout in a smoothie, for lunch on a sandwich, or any other way you can think of, we have your back!

Our Heritage

Born and Based Out of San Antonio, Texas

Our family has had a love for avocados long before their recent explosion in popularity. When our founder started farming avocados back in 1962, he already knew they could be used on, in, and with foods far broader than Mexican cuisine.

He was one of the first to plant avocados using the grafting technique, and he didn’t create the perfect avocado on his first try. Nor did he on the second, tenth, or hundredth.

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Our failures are the secret to our sustained success.

Overcoming Our Obstacles

For generations, we’ve produced our guacamole through trial and error. We’ve had to fail almost as many times as we’ve tried to get to where we are today. Our failures are the secret to our sustained success. We grew from humble origins to an international company because of them. They’re a big part of why our guac is superior.

Our Values

Honesty. Integrity. Tradition.

CG Produce values are family values. Every person who works here is dedicated to delivering the best-made avocado products possible for you. We’ve partnered with over 280 small growers, and all of them are motivated by our values for food and for life.

Where other companies aim to maximize production and profits, we aim to maximize flavor and nutrition. Most importantly, we make our products by combining all natural ingredients with an unrivaled passion.

That’s our tradition.

Where other companies aim to maximize production and profits, we aim to maximize flavor and nutrition.

Our Avocados

All our avocados are farmed from Michoacán, in the heart of Mexico. Here, our orchards of avocado trees thrive in the ultra nutrient-rich soil created by volcanoes in the region. It’s the world’s most fertile growing region for avocados. Because it takes a full seven years for an avocado tree to bear fruit, we dedicate ourselves to caring for each tree with love. This way, each avocado is guaranteed to be amazing, and no good avocado goes to waste. avocados growing in orchard

Our Standards

For an avocado to have the best taste and texture, it needs to be picked at its peak. To ensure all our avocados are picked at the right time, our quality analysis team tests their oil content.

Our experienced picking crews are skilled in distinguishing which avocados are ready for harvesting. They select all avocados that are ready by hand, using cotton gloves and canvas picking bags. Our avocados never touch the ground.

Next, the avocados are brought to our state-of-the-art, all stainless steel facility, also in Michoacán. They are checked for external defects that could compromise their taste, sorted out and processed. All of these processes are performed according to strict rules set by Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) and Good Handling Practices (GHP).

Our Facility

brc global food standard a rating

Built on 87,000 square feet, our facility processes 200-million avocados in any given year to deliver 25-million pounds of guacamole and avocado pulp to our customers. It is A-rated under the BRC Global Standards scheme of Food Safety Compliance and HACCP certified by Food Safety Management Systems (FSMS). The Global Food Safety Initiative, a global network of food safety experts, honors these certifications.

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