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Private Label Services

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You may have tried our guacamole before and not known it.

CG Produce offers a private label program that allows you to sell our product as your own. Some of the largest retailers and restaurant chains employ it. We don’t just work with large companies though. We work with (almost) anyone in the food industry, anywhere in the world.

Private labeling is an excellent way to bolster your business and build brand loyalty. With private labeling, your customers will see your label and branding on all the avocado products we provide for you.

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Tailored to You

Each company has its own preferences. We will assist you in developing an experience and a product that fit your budget and taste. Personalize your product by purchasing our avocado pulp and adding whatever you want to it, making it your own authentic guacamole recipe.

If you’re a retailer or restaurant chain of any size looking to add a private label for avocado products, please fill out our Private Label Request Form and a member of the team will be back to you shortly. We’d love to learn more about you and your company.