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At CG Produce, we’re committed to preparing consistently quality products with great customer service and on-time deliveries. Let us handle the whole process. From the growing and picking of avocados to processing and packaging them, we can handle it all for you. Or just let us handle part of it. We know every company has their own preferences. We can assist you in developing a system that satisfies all your needs.

Benefits of Becoming a Distributor:

You'll receive:

  • Year-round customer service
  • Access to all of our marketing materials and programs
  • Reliable deliveries and support
  • Blazing fast order-to-ship system

We work with companies of any size anywhere in the world, including some of the leading players in the food industry. To explore options for working with CGProduce, please complete our Distributor Form. A member of the team will be back to you shortly.