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No Preservatives.
Only Food.

CG Produce only makes products you can trust. We don’t produce anything we aren’t proud of. All our products are made from Hass avocados and have no preservatives or fillers. We use Hass avocados because they’re the only avocados that allow us to produce our guac year-round. They’re perennial and have a longer shelf life than average!

You can find our genuine avocado products both in retail stores and the food service industry. Either way, they will always be fresh, creamy, and delicious. It’s our privilege to deliver avocados fresh from the tree to your table.

Fresh Ingredients

onion Onion
avocado Avocado
tomato Tomato
garlic Garlic
serrano pepper Serrano Pepper
cilantro Cilantro
guacamole top view


Avocados go on, in, and with just about anything. The same is true of our authentic guacamole. We make it by combining avocados with only the freshest of ingredients that all complement each other flawlessly. Our traditionally prepared guacamole recipe tastes as fresh as the ingredients in it.

avocado pulp top view

Avocado Pulp

Our avocado pulp, or avocado spread, is perfect for any avocado recipe. It’s an excellent spread for avocado toast or can be use. We start with the freshest avocados possible, and we keep them all-natural the whole way through. Made using state of the art High-Pressure Processing Technology, rest assured, our avocado pulp is additive and preservative free. It’s the perfect base for all your favorite avocado recipes.